Meet the crew meet the crew

Wally – the new kid on the block meet the crew

Zainab – drone operator & driver meet the crew

Robert – driver meet the crew

Ramon – photo & video (Bike not mine :-/ )

Meet 50mmlux. A crew with passion for everything with an engine and images.

Our mission is to create long lasting images for private owners and companies or vehicles that or either special to them or high-end appealing photos for sale.

We ensure a discrete way of working when requested, usually hire private locations and  remove or cover up license plates for private owners. Privacy is highly respected.

A short introduction:

Wally –Son of Ramon, crazy about cars and wants to become either a driver or a mechanic. If he doesn’t have school assignments, he joins all the shoots!

Zainab – Passionate about luxury cars, loves the drone, likes to travel and expend her horizon!

Robert – Our trusted driver and also a driving instructor. He ensures a safe travel to and during the photoshoot.

Ramon – Well, i started this fun group of enthusiastic people with my passion for photography and cars & bikes. Creating memories, making a living and having a great time while doing this is all i want.